Bored to Death

Two effective ways to murder your brain is through chronic stress and chronic boredom.

Chronic stress kills through producing hormones – such as glucocorticoids – that initiate and accelerate brain atrophy; in other words, stress causes your body to release harmful hormones that damage your whole body, brain included.

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Your Ravenous Brain

The three-pound mass lodged between your ears is an engine both mighty and fearsome.  Comprised of over one-hundred billion neurons and one-hundred trillion synapses, the brain has been called the most complex mechanism thus far discovered in the known universe.  Although it weighs only a fraction of overall bodyweight, it uses 25% of our energy.  It’s the sole culprit responsible for our dominance over the rest the globe.  To say it’s powerful is a gross understatement.

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Gratitude Makes Life Better

“No one could yet grasp the fact that everything would be taken away” – Viktor Frankl

After an unimaginable series of events, the men and women of the internment camps lost everything: their homes, their parents, their husbands and wives, their children, all their possessions, their clothing, even their hair.  From our current vantage point, this scale of robbery is almost impossible to comprehend.

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