The Guidebook to Improved Relationships – Respect and Honesty

People have the uncanny ability to deceive themselves.  This quirk frequently comes to life for those in new romantic relationships.  Although red flags may appear, our infatuation goggles make it remarkably difficult to heed the warning signs.  Blissfully unaware of the long-term implications, we continue to hold on to the fantasy for as long as possible.

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The Guidebook to Improved Relationships – Care and Responsibility

Beneath our idea of love lurks an assumption that makes true connection almost impossible.

As Erich Fromm in The Art of Loving explains, “one believes that all that is necessary for love is to find the right object – and that everything goes by itself afterward”.  In other words, we search far and wide for the right person, the person we’re meant to be with, our soulmate – and once found, we can sit back, put our feet up and let the good times roll.  As we’ll see, this assumption is nonsense.

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The Art of Loving

Humans need community.  This necessity is built into our genetic code – to be connected is to be alive.  For the vast majority of our evolution, we’ve lived closely together and depended on each other.  Like food, relationships nourish us.  Without them, we suffer.  The fate of the lonely is bleak.

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The Best Financial Advice You Will Ever Receive

We have lost our way.

Rather than health, family, and personal development, we’re taught to toil our lives away in employed captivity, to spend our money on bullshit, to retire when we’re sixty-five.  On top of that, we’re taught to consume, we’re taught greed.  Always feeding, yet always hungry.  We’ve an insatiable appetite for the consumable.

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Deconstructing the Consumer

From infancy to infinity, our minds are bombarded with messages from deceptive marketers. Spellbound, we fall victim to the idea that salvation is found via possession.  Carefully crafted into obedient consumers, we stagger on a treadmill of continual craving.  Taught that to have more is to be more, we trust that personal triumph is found through amassed fortune.

This is 100%, pure, grade-A, unrefined bullshit.

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