Welcome! As you can see, I have joined the horde and published a blog.  Rest assured, I won’t use this space as a personal diary or a place to ramble about all things irrelevant. Instead, the purpose of this page will be to provide useful and applicable information about well-being.

In recent years, I have been interested in topics such as developing potential, mindfulness, physical and mental health, relationships and communication skills, and other topics along these lines.  At any given time, I am typically reading a book or two or three on these subjects.   My goal is to present these ideas in an easily digestible form while also making them immediately applicable.

It’s important to point out that much of what I will present here are not my original ideas but rather those that I have read and have found helpful; in those cases, I will always provide the original source.

The idea behind this blog’s creation was that although high quality information is available, it is often difficult and confusing to locate, read, and apply that which is valuable. What’s more, of the information that is available, much is packed with impractical gobbledygook.  In a bubbling sea of pseudoscience and extravagant claims, my hope is to provide a beacon of light.

As such, this space will provide the straight goods in a quick and palatable form; no bookstore, no lengthy reads, no filler, no New Age bullshit.

The essence of these posts is that it is not only possible but also imperative to take control of both our present experience and our future outcomes.  Possible in that through intention, and being mindful of how we spend our time, we can develop ourselves in practically anyway we choose.  Imperative in that happiness, and a quality experience in this lifetime, is not going find you, rather, you must find it, and that requires effort.

An essential lesson that I have learned about personal development is that each of us is in control of our future, and that control must be exercised in the present moment.  Perhaps the chief obstacle in this pursuit is distraction.

Our culture suffers from chronic A.D.D.  At any time, our opportunities for distraction are virtually boundless: binge-watching television, shopping, gambling, aimlessly clicking around the web, porn, video games, drinking, Facebook, drugs, CNN, and of course, the ultimate distraction device, your cell phone.  How many hours do you think are lost to the pointless poking around on your phone? Probably too many.  Of course, I am speaking from experience.

Moving from being a passive consumer of all things meaningless to being an active participant in the unfolding of your life, this is the essence of essentially all self-improvement techniques! From passivity, to action; from inertia, to engagement; from distraction, to focus.  This is an essential ingredient for a life well lived.

Therefore, the crucial question is: what to focus on?  The only person who can decide is you, but, a choice must be made; if not, someone else will choose for you.

If I start the day with a plan, with a goal, with a vision of what I want to get accomplished, chances are, I will at least do some of those things.  If, on the other hand, I get out of bed with no intention whatsoever, I usually end up pissing the day away through an endless tide of inconsequential, meaningless activities that leave me ultimately feeling like a slug.

It’s about intention: what sort of person do I want to become? What sort of things would I like to be good at? Who in my life do I want to connect with? What’s important to me?

Therein lies the basis for decision-making: what’s important to you? What do you value? Who do you want to become?

I often bargain with myself by considering the future: what’s more important – my physical health or my NetFlix acumen? My relationships or Instagram? Developing my potential or developing a spare-tire?  Frequently I am as guilty of making the wrong choices as anyone else, yet by asking myself these questions, I also frequently make the wiser choice.

Any reasonable person can see that their physical health is far more important than keeping up-to-date with the latest five-star, must-see NetFlix craze, but then, why do we find ourselves devoting more time to the latter? Because of intention, or lack thereof!

With this in mind, let’s look toward tomorrow and only tomorrow.  How might your attention be applied in the right direction? How could you challenge yourself in a positive way? What have you been putting off? What could be done that would make you proud of yourself?  Cleaning a closet, going to the gym or yoga class, making dinner with someone you care about, writing back to a friend, practicing something, whatever!

Progress is bound to unfold gradually, in baby-steps, rather than giant leaps.  In fact, this is the essence of progress. At times, it might seem that your effort is going unrewarded; but, rest assured, through patience and persistence, you can develop your potential in extraordinary ways.  That’s how any extraordinary person became extraordinary: patience and persistence.

It doesn’t have to be some monumental gesture; simple is good, and success will breed success.  It feels good to take control, to have purpose, to accomplish something you intended.

Intention, and then action!  That is what this blog will be focused on.

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