The Best Financial Advice You Will Ever Receive

We have lost our way.

Rather than health, family, and personal development, we’re taught to toil our lives away in employed captivity, to spend our money on bullshit, to retire when we’re sixty-five.  On top of that, we’re taught to consume, we’re taught greed.  Always feeding, yet always hungry.  We’ve an insatiable appetite for the consumable.

But don’t beat yourself up, for we are not to blame.  The marketers are.  They found had us young, vulnerable, infants.  Brainwashed since birth, we’re left to assume that all this fuckery is normal.  To work and to spending, the marketers and corporations of the world hold us enslaved.

Enough is enough.

It’s time to stop the madness.

Thankfully, an improved lifestyle is available, and it’s way, way, wayyyy better.  But first we must wake up to the reality in which we live.  Below are a few simple guidelines that will help to stir us from this slumber:

Rule #1: Stop buying bullshit

Bullshit products are those which do nothing for us yet keep us working, keep us in debt, keep us imprisoned.

Fancy watch? Bullshit.  Designer clothes? Bullshit.  Expensive engagement ring and a crap-yourself-expensive wedding? Bullshit.  Super nice car, truck, or SUV? Bullshit! Massive home? Bullshit.  Lavish vacation? In all probability, bullshit.  Twenty pairs of everything?  You guessed it, bullshit.

Become mindful of what you’re giving up in return to acquire and accumulate bullshit.  Don’t submit your time, through work, for no reason.  Work to empower yourself rather than some shameless corporation.  When you consume mindlessly, work becomes a fool’s errand.  You give everything you have, everything that’s valuable – your time, your energy, your life – and get out shiny nothings in return.  It’s a raw deal.  It’s a con.

And that’s the point – all these bells and whistles are a con! Bullshit does nothing for us.  Hedonic adaption proves it. This isn’t personal opinion – it’s science and science is the new sexy.  So forget the expensive junk and choose to spend wisely.  Better yet, save your money. Save it and work toward becoming financially independent.  Salvation is found whilst debt-free.

Unequivocally, the best piece of financial advice you will ever receive is this: don’t spend your money.  Especially on bullshit.

Rule #2: In the new economy, cash-flow is king

The world is changing at a remarkable rate – automation; new industries developing overnight, old ones dying; unstable global economic markets; constant unpredictability; political bedlam – we’re in the Wild West.  What’s more, the pace of change will quicken still.  So strap in and put your game face on.  It’s time to adjust.

In the new economy, those who remain mentally active and become lifelong learners will thrive.  When you devote your time to development, you become an asset; when you devote your time to the status quo, you become expendable.  It’s your ability to adapt and to learn valuable skills that will secure your future.

What’s more, when you reduce expenses, you reduce the time required to finance your lifestyle.  Work less, spend less, live more, enjoy your life.

The second best piece of financial advice you will ever receive is this: make more than you spend.  Adhere to this one simple rule and never worry about money again.

To greatly assist you in this endeavor, always remember Rule #1: don’t spend your money.  Choose a modest lifestyle and reap the boundless benefits.  Ruthlessly reduce unnecessary spending.  Over possession, over status, covet your time, your health, and your relationships.

The best things in life are free.  And that’s no bullshit.

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